Informal Lunch / Dinner

Sample Menus

Minimum 30

Can be mixed and matched with the finger buffet

We have a formal wedding menu, however if you prefer this less formal option there is a 15% surcharge for wedding packages as we add that extra special touch

*Please note* We no longer offer staff hire as part of our services.

Bangers and Mash GFA  £8.25pp

creamy skin on mash, mushy or garden peas, gravy

 Lasagne al Forno GFA  £8.75pp

new/baby potatoes in aioli, bistro salad, lemon dressing

Chilli sin Carne GFA £8.75 pp

rice, tortilla chips, sour cream, jalapeno salsa

Pineapple Chick'n, Coconut curry £8.75pp

eg' fried rice, chopped salad, mango and lime dressing

Saag Chana Dal GFA £9.25pp

Yellow Lentil and Spinach  Curry

basmati, chopped salad, garlic flatbread, raita


Beefy Bourguignon £9.25pp

creamy garlic mash, French style petit pois

Basque Chick'n £9.25pp

baby/new potatoes in aioli, broccoli gratin

Not Curry Goat £9.75pp

rice & peas, mac n cheeze, mixed salad

Beefy Stifado £9.75pp

lemon roast potatoes, Greek rice salad, tzatziki​



Pie and Mash - choose 2 £9.75 pp

choose shortcrust or flaky pastry

Chickpea and sweet potato Balti

Creamy cauliflower cheeze, broccoli and leek

Meaty mince, onion and potato

Steak* and mushroom Bourguignon

Chick'n, potato, leek and rosemary 

Caribbean lam' pattie and potato

Skin on buttery mash

Mushy peas

Baby peas


Brown sauce

Mint sauce