Kids Clubs Healthy Meals

Choose Vegetarian or Vegan.  These are aimed at children's or young peoples activity cubs, they are samples so any item can be chopped and changed, all our food is vegan plant based and the meat alternatives are made in-house using using naturally grown ingredients.
Choose 1 dish per session, contact us for a quote letting us know your budget per person and we'll get some options together for you, all dietary requirements are observed.  Snacks and healthy desserts available. 

Laughing Kids

Main meals​

  • French bread cheese and tomato pizza with tater tots V

  • Veggie nuggets with skin on wedges and ketchup Ve GFA

  • Vegan lam’ and veg shepherds pie Ve GFA S

  • Roast chick'n, creamy mash, mixed veg and gravy V or Ve GFA

  • Cheeseburger with skin on wedges V or Ve S

  • Spaghetti bolognaise with hidden veg and cheese V or Ve GFA S

  • Jacket potato with chilli and cheese V or Ve GFA S

  • Jacket potato with cauliflower cheese V or Ve GFA

  • Fruity chick’n Katsu curry with rice Ve S

  • Bangers and mash - baked sausages, creamy mash, peas and gravy Ve GFA

  • Sausages, baked beans and baked hashbrowns Ve GFA

  • Beefy veg lasagne with potato salad V GFA S

  • Bombay potatoes with sweetcorn rice and flatbread Ve GFA

Lunch Boxes are served cold and individually packed

  • Lunch box 1 - sandwich bap, baked crisps, melon slices V or Ve GFA

  • Lunch box 2 - cheese & onion roll, Doritos and homemade tomato salsa dip 

  • Lunch box 3 - creamy hummus & carrot sticks, Mandarin orange & chick'n pasta salad Ve GFA

  • Lunch box 4 - veg samosas, couscous with sultanas, pomegranate jewels and apricots  Ve

  • Lunch box 5 - tropical mango and pineapple rice salad, veg spring rolls, sweet chilli dip V or Ve

  • Lunch box 6 - baked wrap filled with mild potatoes & peas, minty yogurt dip, Masala pasta salad Ve GFA


Snacks and Desserts

  • Banana cake V or Ve S

  • Cherry muffins V or Ve S

  • Chocolate whip and orange cupcakes Ve

  • Fresh fruit platter Ve GFA

  • Banana fritters with maple syrup V or Ve GFA S

  • Apple and cinnamon rice pudding V or Ve GFA S

  • Fruity oaty crumble with custard V or Ve S

  • Fruit yogurt V or Ve GFA S

  • Fromage frais V GFA

  • Cheese and crackers V GFA


GFA = Gluten Free Available

Ve = Vegan

V = Vegetarian

S = Contains Soya