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Eat Good, Do Good

It's the Future of Fast Food

At The Red Berry Vegan Catering Co, we’re passionate about providing our customers with delicious, sustainable and nutritious vegan food.

As a family owned business, we’re committed to helping people transition to a vegan lifestyle or eating less meat (every little helps), as well as providing delicous options to non-vegans.

We provide a variety of vegan takeaway and catering options, with a focus on reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.


We love feedback from our customers to ensure that we are providing the best experience possible. Our ultimate goal is to normalise vegan food and make it accessible to all.


"Being Vegetarian is good, being Vegan is better"

Daisy the cow


Save Water

You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry.

When you go vegan and you start eating healthier, you will have:

  1. More energy

  2. Clearer Skin

  3. Reduced chance of developing chronic illness

  4. More happiness in your life

  5. Less Brain fog

  6. Guilt free food

No matter what your reason for being vegan, just know that you make a difference and it’s worth it!

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