Finger Food Buffet


Sample Menus


Full vegan buffet, served on seperate or mixed platters

From £1.85pp (choocse minimum 4 options)

Minimum 30

We have a formal wedding menu, however if you prefer this less formal option there is a 15% surcharge for wedding packages.

Can be mixed and matched with the Informal Meals menu.

Gluten Free options available on request - GFA

Cakes and desserts avaialble on request.

Smoked Ham' Platter

mustard, onion relish, sundried tomato relish, rustic bread, plant butter

 Baby/New Potato Salad GF

in aioli and rocket

Cocktail Skewers

cheeze, cocktail sausage, pineapple, pickled onion

Mixed Marinated Olives GF

Black, green and Kalamata olives in garlic, chilli & herb infused olive oil, bread sticks

Greek Pasta Salad GFA

feta, black olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes

Roast Med Veg Orzo Salad GFA

aubergine, courgette, peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes

Lemon Pepper Chick'n Bites

Sweet Roasted Carrot & Couscous Tabbouleh GFA

fresh parsley, coriander, red onion, cucumber, pomegranate jewels


Trio of Dips GFA
lemon hummus, beetroot hummus, spicy harissa,


Jamaican Fried Chick'n Bites

homemade hot pepper sauce

Spinach and Scotch Bonnet Fritters GFA

Mango and Lime Rice Salad GF

mango chunks, cucumber, green onion, baby plum tomatoes

Veg Samosas 

minty yogurt dip

Chick'n Tikka Bites

cucumber, red onion salad

Roast Spicy Chickpeas GFA

garlic sauce, flatbread​

Mexican Three Bean Rice Salad GFA

 tomato salsa

Tacos al Pastor

soft mini tortilla, pulled porc, chargrilled pineapple, sour cream

Refried Bean Dip GFA

tortilla chips, jalapeno & tomato salsa


Beefy Mexican Steak Strips

chipotle hot sauce

Sushi Platter GF

  in sticky rice and nori, sweet soy dip

Crispy Du'k Pancakes

shredded cucumber & spring onion, hoisin dip

Teriyaki Steak Bites

wasabi mayo

Edamame Bean Noodle Salad GFA

cucumber, carrot swirls, ginger & orange dressing

Korean Style Chick'n Bites

Mixed Garden Salad GF

Fresh Fruit Platter GF £2.75 pp

a selection of seasonal fruits

Ploughman's Platter from £8.50 pp

Hand cut maple roast ham

homemade cheeze and onion pie

 relishes and chutneys

 celery, grape and apple bowls

 pickled onions, hand cut crisps 

selection of locally baked rustic breads with plant butter

(meat substitutes all homemade)