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Cheese, Berries and Crackers

Grazing Platters

Grazing Platters 

 minimum 20 

We're no longer taking bookings for our formal wedding menu, a grazing platter is a good alternative, give us some ideas and we'll create one just for you.

  Mediterranean Grazing Platter £14.75pp

lam' kleftico roast, tabbouleh, pomegranate hummus, roast red pepper pâté, crudités, dried apricots & dates, dill pickles, mixed marinaded olives, pickled chilli peppers, tzatziki, bread sticks, pita bread, rustic bread, olive oil & lemon wedges, salt crackers

Antipasto Grazing Platter £15.75pp

vegan cold cuts - mortadella*, salami*, bresaola*.

caponata, black olive tapenade, crostini, cannelloni & sun-dried tomato pâté, cheezy dip, marinaded olives, bread sticks, cantaloupe melon, crudités, vine tomatoes, rustic bread, focaccia, olive oil & balsamic

 Farmhouse Grazing Platter £14.75pp

maple smoked roast ham*, farmhouse style pâté, porc & apple sausage rolls, cheezy dip, relishes & chutneys, celery cups, on the vine tomatoes, grapes, pickled red onions, Bombay mix, hand cut crisps, artisan breads, plant butter, salt crackers

Continental Breakfast Grazing Platter £13.75pp

Greek style yogurt, homemade granola, mortadella*, sliced cheeze, rustic bread, waffles, plant butter, apple & chamomile hunny, conserves, nutella-ish, strawberry & banana smoothie shots

Fresh Fruit Grazing Platter £8.50pp

pineapple, melon, seasonal berries, kiwi, oranges, guava, mango, grapes, seasonal plums

* indicates a vegan version, all our food including meat substitutes are freshly made in-house

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