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Kid's Party Menu

Minimum 15

Bio-degradable plates, cutlery and napkins available on request.

A Sweet Birthday
Sample Menu 1  £8.25pp

Savoury Platter

Chick’n dippers

Sausage rolls

Onion rings

Garlic Pizza bread

Potato Wedges

Tomato Ketchup and BBQ dips


Crustless Sandwiches

Ham* and homemade ketchup

Eggless mayo

Hummus and shredded carrots


Cucumber batons and garlic dip

Crisps and Corn snacks


Chocolate brownie cupcakes


Fresh fruit platter - £1.50 per child supplement

Sample Menu 2  

Chick'n Curry 

rice, garlic naan, samosa, onion bhajis,raita

Chilli sin Carne

rice, tortilla chips, garlic dip, salsa


wedges, garlic pizza bread, salad

Caribbean sweet potato coconut curry

rice & peas, mango fritters

Chinese chick'n curry

sweetcorn fried rice, wedges, veg spring rolls

Pepperoni Pizza

chick'n dippers, wedges, onion rings, dips

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